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Protect Your Audience & Maintain Your Stage Design with Theatrical Fire Curtains

When designing your stage, it is important to consider protecting your audience in the event of a fire. QSD designs, manufactures and installs fiberglass fire curtains that seal the stage from the auditorium in case of emergency. They are designed to drop when a line is cut manually or the fire alarm is activated.

  • Straight lift fiberglass curtains – Install these fire resistant curtains where the height above the proscenium opening is greater than the overall height of the proscenium opening.
    Straight lift fiberglass curtains
  • Braille type fiberglass curtains – These fireproof curtains are installed where the height above the proscenium opening is less than half of the overall height of the proscenium opening.
    Braille type fiberglass curtains

The allure of a stage play or theatrical performance begins with the theater curtains. The beauty of our fire retardant curtains is that they don’t interfere with your stage design. They are completely undetectable and unseen by your audience.

It is our goal at QSD to help make your performances an exceptional, unforgettable and safe experience for you and your audience.

QSD is Your Trusted Theatrical Fire Curtains Supplier

For over 25 years, QSD has been a leading supplier in theatrical fire curtains. We thrive on challenging ourselves to design inconspicuous protective fire curtains for any size and shape of theater. When you work with us, you are working with our entire team to ensure your fire curtain project is a success.

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