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Freezer Strip Curtains for Industrial and Commercial Use

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Developed to reduce drafts, keep temperatures stable and lower energy loss, our range of plastic strip curtains make the perfect insulated barrier for industrial and commercial freezers and refrigerators. Each freezer curtain we install keeps your walk-in freezer running smoothly, and protects it from external variables such as dust, fumes and even noise from getting in.

You can find our freezer curtains in restaurants, grocery stores and food processing plants throughout the country.
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Freezer Curtains Made From Quality Materials

Each curtain is made up of a series of individual strip flaps. When installed side-by-side, the curtain forms a flexible door that maintains the room temperature and allows for movement to and from the refrigerated area. The heavy-duty plastic acts as a great insulator, keeping the warmer air outside from affecting the colder areas.

Forklift driving through freezer curtainIn addition to larger walk-in freezer curtains, we offer smaller options for commercial businesses such as grocery stores. Installed in a similar manner to their larger counterparts, these freezer curtains rely on Velcro strips to create the insulated barrier.

QSD’s Freezer Strip Curtains and Customer Service Goes Above and Beyond

Since 1987, we’ve focused on supplying tracks and curtains to the theatrical, industrial and commercial world. With these years of experience comes a team of reliable manufacturers and installers. Before we even start a project, we’ll walk you through the available options to ensure that we’ll be supplying the right curtain for your business. After manufacturing your freezer curtain, our team will be available to install and answer any questions you might have.


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