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Maximize the Lifespan of Your Equipment and Keep Players Safe with Regular Gym Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

QSD provides high quality gym equipment maintenance for gym dividers, motorized basketball backstops, mechanical lifting pipes and other pieces of mechanical equipment found in your gym. QSD sells and installs safety straps and motors into the back of basketball backboards.

Through regular use, it is expected that your gym equipment will experience wear and tear. If left unaddressed, you equipment could sustain damage and operational failure. Your gym equipment could inadvertently become a hazard.

QSD physically inspects and maintains all your mechanical gym equipment to ensure it is safe for players and spectators. We provide regular gym equipment maintenance in four steps.

  1. Yearly Inspections
  2. Inspection Report
  3. Approved Repairs
  4. Continued Inspection

Inspection includes all equipment necessary in the gym. We are fully equipped with expert technicians, tools, scaffolds, ladders and man-lift.

Once inspection is complete, we provide you and our maintenance department with a detailed inspection report regarding the condition of your equipment. It is at this time that we develop a plan to make the necessary repairs.

Small repairs can be made immediately onsite. However, in severe cases, we may recommend that none of the equipment be operated until further notice. When repairs are approved, they are professionally completed in a timely fashion.

We have had great success with our regular gym equipment maintenance program. Equipment lasts longer and safety is increased.

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