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Express Deck stage platforms

Create the Stage Your Performance Requires With QSD Stage Platforms That Are Simple to Set-Up and Disassemble

Stage platforms give you the affordable flexibility to create any professional stage configuration your performance requires. QSD has two styles of multi-purpose stage platforms for our clients to choose from: the Express Deck and the Alpha Deck.

Express Deck

The Express Deck is a lightweight solution to creating a simple-yet-beautiful stage configuration for any performance. Stairs, skirting and guard rails may be attached as needed. The modular design allows you to design your stage in any configuration needed. They are easy to assemble, disassemble, transport and store.

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Alpha Deck

The Alpha Deck is a strong sturdy stage platform that supports heavier weights. It is able support heavy equipment and vehicles. The modular pieces easily lock together to enhance its durability. The Alpha Deck is customizable with four standard deck choices or you may apply your own surface layer. The frame is constructed of galvanized steel and will not warp, rot or erode, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor performances.

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