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Why choose strip curtains from QSD?

QSD is proud to be your high-quality industrial strip curtain provider!

Strip curtains are a great choice because using traditional doors in high traffic areas is ineffective, especially in a busy commercial or industrial setting. Warehouse curtains from QSD, provide all the benefits of a door while also being transparent and easy to pass throughThey are extremely flexible and are usually placed on door openings. It’s so common that they are even known as strip doors! Plus, in most cases, they are also made up of fire resistant PVC.   Your place of work will be safer and more efficient with a PVC strip door from QSD.

The advantages of strip doors are infinite!

Industrial door curtains are effective in many commercial environments. You can often find them in worships, manufacturing plants, restaurant freezers and refrigerators, health care facilities, grocery stores, industrial plants and warehouses, and more! If you need to regulate temperature, or control drafts, fumes, dust, smoke, or noise then you need the benefits of commercial plastic curtains. The experts at QSD design, manufacture, and install strip doors.  We have over twenty years’ experience and are happy to help you find the right PVC strip curtain solution for your business.

Strip curtains are the affordable solution!

Industrial plastic curtains help save you money. You can reduce energy loss by preventing heat or cold from escaping. The ease of movement will make your staff more productive and help create a safer and more enjoyable place of work. If you know that you need warehouse curtains, don’t hesitate to call QSD! The helpful staff at QSD will work with you every step of the way.  We will show you how easy it is to get high quality and durable strip doors for your business.

Your only source for commercial plastic curtains!

QSD’s strip curtains are constantly raising the bar within the industry. As a leading manufacturer since 1987, we are always innovating and perfecting our plastic strip curtains and other products. We continually strive for excellence because we want you to feel confident in choosing us as your strip door provider. Our team is always ready to provide you with customer service that goes above and beyond. If you need to make repairs on your shop curtains, or if you have any questions at any time please contact us.