Curtain Walls For Industrial Freezing And Manufacturing

/Curtain Walls For Industrial Freezing And Manufacturing
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Our curtain walls are great for those looking for a way to insulate their industrial sized freezers. At the same time, they act as a barrier to keep the outside from getting in, perfect for manufacturers looking to protect a large workshop. Your custom designed strip curtain comes with all the holes pre-punched, simply unroll your strip off the roll, tear along the perforated edge and hang on the pre-studded track. Install is quick and simple.

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Strip Curtains For Freezers and Manufacturers

Our vinyl strip curtains offer food suppliers and processors a way to keep their products cold without investing in large static doors. Especially in the case of warehouses, our curtain walls can provide the necessary barrier to keep a whole area separated from exterior elements; reducing the expense of refrigeration without the necessary investment in large thermal doors.

For warehouses looking not only to control temperature but also dust, fumes, moisture, humidity and other environmental hazards, our wall curtains are perfect for workplaces looking to protect their workers and products behind heavy-duty vinyl strip curtains.

Our Patented Loop and Strip Designs Are Easy To Install

Patented Loop™ Design: Satisfies two major needs. The first is safety. The second is ease of installation. Designed to safely release from their mounting bar, our curtain walls will pop out if caught on a vehicle passing through; preventing the whole wall from coming down. Our patented tongue and groove design lets each strip lock over the mounting bar meaning that each curtain can be hung with a simple twist of the wrist.

Standoff Strip Door Design: For warehouses with a pre-existing roll-up door there’s no need to worry about removing it. Stand-off brackets are installed on either side of the roll-up door and the strip curtains are mounted on the bracket, allowing you to keep your existing structure as is while benefiting from our vinyl strip curtains.

Sliding Strip Curtains: Select from our four different sliding strip curtains: Bi Parting Fixed Panel, Single Sliding, Bi Accordion Strip Curtain or Single Sliding Fixed Panel.

Modular Strip Curtain Frames: For situations where a specific area needs a curtain wall, our modular strip curtain and frames allow you to create a custom sized enclosure.

Velcro Systems: Perfect for insulating smaller open-coolers, our velcro system helps you save energy otherwise lost to the surrounding area. These freezer door curtains are a great way of keeping everything insulated without the need of permanently fixed strip curtains or standalone refrigerators.

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