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Blue Vermillon 18 oz. vinyl PVC curtains

Durable and Flexible Industrial Curtain Walls

Industrial curtain walls are a perfect solution to control an industrial or warehouse environment without the need for heavy permanent doors; they offer space partitioning at the fraction of a permanent wall. Not only do they protect against dust, smoke and other by-products, and they make great insulators. If you need a wall partition to keep a warehouse refrigerated or other space insulated, our curtain walls can perform double duty by keeping the cold in or out.

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Industrial Wall Curtain Applications

Wash Bay Curtains: Our PVC and vinyl-made curtains make excellent barriers to contain water, paint and other wet ingredients from affecting your work environment.

Body Shop Curtains: Also used for washing purposes, our body shop curtains protect work stalls for prep work, washing, and grinding and finishing work.

Welding Curtains: Keep sparks and welding archs contained, these curtains allow you to divide a room into an area safe for welders and other workers.

Warehouse Dividers: Our curtain walls have been used to divide warehouses into multiple sections in order protect workers from any hazardous side effects of industrial work. They are also used in order to protect any sensitive areas from dust and other side products of industry.

Hazmat Curtains: For situations when you need to protect employees from hazardous chemicals or other agents, our PVC and vinyl curtain wall are made to keep any overspray or other hazardous materials contained.

Outdoor Curtain Walls: A reliable option for keeping the outside weather from affecting your ability to work, these curtains allow for optimal temperature control without the need to invest in costly standalone structures.

Freezer Curtain Walls: In addition to protecting outdoor elements from the weather, our industrial curtains have also been used to keep temperature controlled areas at temperature. Our curtain walls make perfect insulators and can allow workers to move between the areas with ease.

All of our curtains meet national fire safety standards, are resistant to mold, mildew, and most chemical agents. After we’ve manufactured your curtain wall to your job’s requirements, our team of installers will visit your site with the completed curtain to ensure that everything is installed to your standards and that the curtain performs as intended.

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We opened our doors in 1987, and since then we’ve focused on supplying industrial curtains to businesses throughout the country. With so many years in business, our team has the skills to manufacture and install all of our products.

In addition to an expert group of manufacturers and installers, our support team will make sure that every option is explored, and that you are investing in the right industrial curtains for your business. Simply contact us to reach one of our experts, and they’ll help you take the next step in receiving an industrial curtain wall.


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