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Our Industrial Curtains Put Safety First

QSD builds industrial curtains that meet the highest safety standards. We’ve been building industrial curtains to protect your products, employees, and customers for over twenty years, and have been supplying them to businesses in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Edmonton, and the rest of Alberta for just as long. For businesses throughout Alberta, industrial curtains will provide you with a product designed to put safety first.

Strip Curtains

Our plastic strip curtains are vital if you are looking to reduce temperature, drafts, fumes, smoke, dust, and noise. From manufacturing centres, workshops, food processing plants, health care facilities, grocery stores, and even restaurant freezers, we have experience in supplying our strip curtains throughout Alberta.

Each strip curtain is made of thin transparent strips of fire resistant PVC plastic. With protection also comes an extremely flexible material, that when mounted on a door opening acts as an effective barrier protecting what’s inside from the outside.

Welding Curtains

Available in a range of colours these curtains help to shield workers from welding arcs that can damage eyes. Every heavy duty vinyl welding curtain prevents sparks and debris from escaping and striking any nearby workers. It’s your best choice for protecting against any damage that arises from welding.

Industrial Curtains Supplied Throughout Alberta

If you are looking for industrial curtains in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Alberta in general, we have a range of welding, strip, and other industrial curtains for you.


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