Industrial Tents For Secure Working Environments

/Industrial Tents For Secure Working Environments
Truck tarps protect and secure contents in place

Industrial Tents for Welding and Other Utilities

We are dedicated to supplying our customers with a selection of industrial tents that meet your welding and safety needs. As a certified Norseman welding and utility tent dealer, every tent we stock is built to shield outside workers from any harmful welding arcs, sparks and debris from escaping the tent. In addition, the tents act as perfect shelters, allowing for work in harsh environments without requiring more permanent standalone structures.

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Durable, Lightweight and Compact Norseman Welding Tents

Durable and high-stress resistant tents are what make Norseman’s range of industrial tents worth the investment. Used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, these tents are perfect for anyone needing a temporary shelter in which to work.
Truck Tarp

SitePro M-Series

SitePro M-Series

  • Compact enough to fit in the back of a van, pickup truck and even some cars.
  • Curtain walls open to allow for extra ventilation.
  • Frame is constructed from rust resistant galvanized steel.
  • Feet for the frame come installed for extra stability.
  • Sizes available: 6′ x 7′ and 7′ x 8′.

Truck Tarp

SitePro S-Series

Lightweight, compact and efficient, this industrial welding tent is great for a variety of applications. Designed to be easy-to-assemble with no loose parts, the lightweight and rust resistant aluminum frame allows the tent to be moved around with great ease. In addition, the walls and roof open for ventilation of any hazardous fumes.

  • Collapsible for easy storage.
  • Corner lifting lugs help with transport
  • Fire and tear resistant.
  • Lighter than most tents coming in at only 90lbs (40.8kgs).
  • Cover rated to -45°C (-49°F)
  • A total area of 121ft2.
  • Anchorable to the ground and able to withstand high wind and snow loads.

Truck Tarp

SitePro W-Series

Perfect for rigorous construction and pipeline projects, the W-Series’ durable design gives it the hardiness needed to complete a lengthy project under extreme conditions.

  • Made from fire resistant materials
  • Collapses for easy transport
  • Easily assembled by two people
  • The frame is powder coated and made from 1” square steel tubing
  • Cover fabric rated to -45°C.
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