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Set the Mood the Right Way with the Right Stage Curtain

For venues throughout Ontario, stage curtains, high quality curtains, can make or break a stage. As suppliers of stage curtains for large and small venues throughout Ontario, we will make sure each curtain is created with your venue in mind. Whether it’s a large stage in Toronto, a church drape in Windsor, or for a smaller theater in Ottawa, each stage curtain is built to set the right mood the in right way.

At QSD we have over thirty years of experience as a full service theatrical curtain manufacturer. We create, craft, and install every theater drapery project from start to finish. We will visit your venue, taking exact measurements of the curtain’s area. Afterwards we will discuss the design, fabric of each stage curtain with you, and present you with a wide range of different products:

  • Proscenium Drapes
  • Back Traveler, Wings, and Masking Drapes
  • Fireproof and Flame Retardant Curtains
  • Velvet Theater Curtains
  • Muslin Backdrops
  • Theater Scrims
  • And More

We then sew and sculpt the entire curtain in-house. We think that it is the best approach to meet the needs of your specific location. We will oversee all delivery of the final stage curtain to anywhere in the province. In fact you’ll find our stage curtains in Toronto, Windsor, and Ottawa. Once delivered, our expert rigging crews will install your stage drapes and motorized curtains to your stage’s precise specifications.

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