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8 inch Bronze Hudson Bay strip material

Reduce Drafts, Fumes and Energy Loss with QSD’s Strip Curtains

QSD’s plastic strip curtains (also known as plastic strip doors) are perfect if you’re looking to reduce temperature, drafts, fumes, smoke, dust, and even noise. Strip curtains can be used in a variety of different industrial environments; in the workshop, a manufacturing plant, a restaurant freezer or refrigerator or other food processing areas, health care facilities, grocery stores, and other industrial plants and warehouses.

Strip curtains are generally made up of thin transparent strips. They are extremely flexible and are usually mounted on door openings, hence it’s alternate name of plastic strip doors. Strip doors are designed to preserve either warm air inside or cold air outside. In most cases, they are made up of some form of fire resistant PVC.

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QSD’s Strip Curtains and Customer Service Go Above and Beyond

QSD’s strip curtains have been constantly raising the bar of expectation within its industry. As a leading manufacturer since 1987, we relentlessly innovate and perfect our plastic strip curtains and other products. We put care and confidence in them because we want you to feel confident in choosing us as your strip door provider.

Our team is always ready to provide you with customer service that goes above and beyond. If you need to make repairs on your shop curtains, or if you have any questions at any time, please contact us at any time.

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