Theatrical Supplies For Events And Venues

/Theatrical Supplies For Events And Venues

Theatrical Supplies For Rent or Purchase Throughout Canada

For events and venues large and small, we have the range of theatrical supplies to ensure that everything goes as planned. As a supplier of a wide range of theatrical supplies, we understand the requirements for setting up a proper stage and have both rental and equipment available for purchase.

You can find our freezer curtains in restaurants, grocery stores and food processing plants throughout the country.

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Portable Stage Platforms Available For Purchase

At QSD, we offer you two main portable stages to choose from:

Express Deck: An easy-to-setup stage built to withstand weights of up to 2,960lbs (1,342kgs). Thanks to its compact design, the Express Deck can be transported and stored without the loss of too much space. Each stage comes in a 4ft x 4ft size, and can be linked together to form a larger stage.

Alpha Deck: A great choice for both outdoor and indoor applications, the Alpha deck is available in multiple surfaces and thus adaptable to your event or venue’s unique requirements. Able to support weights of up to 2,560lbs (1,161kgs), this modular stage platform can also be broken down into individual parts for transport and storage.

Supplies For and Beyond Your Stage

With each of our theatre stage platforms, you’ll have the chance to select from stairs, skirting, guardrails and other accessories. In order to make your life easier we offer the following theatrical supplies for rent and purchase:

  • Band Risers
  • Drum Risers
  • Choir Risers
  • Seating Rises
  • Decks
  • Storage Carts
  • Levelling Feet
  • Stairs and Handrails

Theatre Curtains

From sewing to installation, we take care of the production of each theater curtain. Our in-house stage curtain designs fit a wide variety of establishments. From church curtains to traditional stage curtains, we have the design knowledge to fit the right curtain to the right stage.

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In 1987, we began supplying curtains to the theatrical, industrial and commercial world. Since then QSD has grown into an all-round supplier of theatrical supplies, equipment for gymnasiums and specialized curtains for hospitals, offices and events.

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